Leading for Change in Challenging Times:
A Workshop for Personal and Strategic Leadership

“It’s truly a transformative workshop. I learned how to impact or influence our world, and I learned about systems, organizations, and structures—how to switch them and how to influence them. I feel centered, whole, and brand new. Thanks for this life changing experience.“ – Participant, 12/22

This workshop blends the “soft skills” of personal leadership development and growth with the “hard skills” of strategic planning and organizational (or movement, program or campaign) development to help you become the best at what you do.

We know that leading for social and environmental change is extremely hard work, challenging even the most dedicated among us. And succeeding as a leader in non-profit and movement organizations has become increasingly challenging in the current climate of external assault and chaos. This program is designed for women* at all stages of professional life, career, or community leadership. It includes a five-day retreat in a serene environment ideal for reflection and learning, as well as wrap-around coaching and support.

* trans, cis, and gender-nonconforming women, and nonbinary individuals

Bryony Schwan, M.S.
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