Finding the Still Point ~ Women's Photography ~ Flathead Lake, Montana
Brave Earth ~ Personal and Strategic leadership ~ Costa, Rica


Monday, December 5 – Sunday, December 11, 2022
Brave Earth Center for Cultural Transformation
Costa Rica

Join other women activists, organizers, executive directors, and organizational leaders in a tailored workshop for personal and professional reflection, support, growth and planning.


A Women’s Photography Workshop with a Twist.
September 29 – October 2, 2022
Yellow Bay on Flathead Lake, Montana
Join Barbara Michelman & Bryony Schwan for a three-day photography and self-discovery workshop on spectacular Flathead Lake—the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi with over 200 square miles of water and 185 miles of shoreline.

Bryony Schwan, M.S.
Certified Associate Integral Coach®
Swan Consulting

All the photographs on this site are Bryony’s.
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